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There are numerous Harry Potter related activities on the Web. From entire fan listings, to Web communities and even fan fiction, Harry Potter fans have plenty of options for online fun.

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There are tons of personal as well as professional Web sites related to Harry Potter. Some sites are about the series in general, while others focus on the movies and its characters. Some even serve as forums and discussion boards for members to share opinions and theories.

Warner Bros. has the official site for the Harry Potter movies ( You can visit it for the latest news about the movies, or to play fun games and participate in other related activities. You can also join the official Webmaster community, where you are supplied with graphics and banners to use on your personal HP site.

    This is a very thorough source of information about the Harry Potter books. An Encyclopedia of sorts, definitely the most extensive reference work related to Harry Potter I've ever seen.
    This is also a great site. It deals mainly with Harry Potter related News. It also has lots of great information about all the HP movies.
    This is an unofficial fan site. It is well organized with a variety of options such as editorials, trivia, downloads, and book errors.


Fan Fiction
Harry Potter fans worldwide have written fiction about the HP series based around original characters, events, and locations from the books. In addition to writing fiction, some fans also create graphic depictions based on Harry Potter.

Fiction Alley  :
This is the largest fanfic site specific to the Harry Potter fandom (community of Potter fans). They have 4 separate houses, as the books do, which represent the different categories of fiction included. They also have a message board community and thousands of pieces of fan art.
Sugar Quill  : Described as a small forum where like-minded Potterites obsess over the Harry Potter stories. In addition to the forums, Sugar Quill includes fan fiction writing and art.


There are various groups on the Internet related to Harry Potter. Groups, similar to Web sites allow fans to share in their love for all things HP. The difference is, groups usually require membership to enjoy all of the benefits.

Harry Potter for Grown-Ups (HPFGU) is a group on Yahoo! It is described as a friendly, thought-provoking place for adults to enjoy discussions of the Harry Potter books. It is a moderated list with very high volume. Along with the extensive discussion board, HPFGU feautures polls, essays, jokes, as well as scheduled chat sessions.

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HarryPotter is another Yahoo! group for adult fans. This group advertises in-depth discussions of the series in its original form. Some fan fiction is allowed, as long as it stays within the theme.

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These are just two groups about Harry Potter, which I recently joined. There are many others, open to all types of fans. Some groups and communities focus on a wider variety of activities such as RPGs, fan fiction, as well as shipper discussions (possible romantic relationships).


Other Activities
In addition to these activities, there are many other Internet ventures for Harry Potter fans of all ages... from coloring pages and magical trading card games, to a myriad of HP quizzes. Here are a few examples:

All of these activities contribute to the notion that no matter what critics say; Harry Potter has many fans, young and old. These activities provide a way for fans to express their love for HP with other fans instead of focusing on the negative things critics have to say.



Visit the Official HP site and take up a game of Quidditch!



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