Major Players (You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

The Early Days

Saint Augustine | Jean-Jacques Rousseau | Thomas DeQuincey

"We have issues but we're high class, so it's okay." Augustine spoke of his sin, Rousseau of his greatness and DeQuincey of his drug addiction.

The Confessional Poets

Robert Lowell | John Berryman | Anne Sexton | Sylvia Plath | Alan Ginsberg | Bob Dylan

  "We have issues but we're repressed by 1950's culture, so it's okay" These poets wrote about their containment within a culture terrified of challenges to traditional gender roles. Their poetry is fierce and breaks traditional literary style.


The New Class
Susana Kaysen | James Frey

"We have issues but we're in institutions, so it's okay." Kaysen was committed for borderline behavior, Frey for substance abuse.

Chris Carrabba | Rivers Cuomo | Kurt Cobain

"We have issues and so do you, and we're all okay." These song writers use their own experiences to connect with fans. Their lyrics are confessions and their fans know every word.

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