Money Talks (In More Ways Than One)

And Hollywood's calling for the movie rights, screaming 'Baby let's keep in touch, hey baby let's keep in touch.'"--Blues Traveler lyrics

Confession is big in Hollywood. Susana Kaysen's novel about her time in a mental institution, Girl, Interrupted, was made into a successful movie. In 2003 Gwyneth Paltrow took on the role of Sylvia Plath in the film Syliva. The addiction memoir A Million Little Pieces by James Frey is being bid on for production. Gus Van Sant would love to direct the film version.

As confessional culture creeps into the Internet, how will Hollywood accommodate? Memoirs sell well in bookstores, but today web surfers can access any number of blogs and read past entries to get free glimpses into the lives of others. How do confessional authors feel about their lives being edited to fit into a screenplay? (Frey, a former screenwriter, seems to have constructed his confessional novel with stage directions) And does America really want to see average people's lives paraded about on the silver screen? Or will they even realize the difference between these movies and the standard Hollywood fare? We at Confessional Culture Daily are positively twittering in anticipation. Or perhaps we drank too much coffee again.

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