A Letter From the Editor

Dear Reader,

The words on the opening page are all associated with the idea of confession. The Oxford English Dictionary 's definition of confession is long and tedious. Condensed it says that confession is:

--declaring, disclosing, acknowledging, owing or admitting a crime, charge, fault, weakness
--disclosing one's identity
--acknowledging a belief
--recognizing a person or thing as having a certain characteristic
--admitting the truth of what is charged
--admitting guilt.

We here at Confessional Culture Daily define confession in a little looser way. We think you, dear reader, will get the picture as you wander through our humble site.

This site offers a glimpse at the history of confessional culture in America, and a few suggestions of where this culture is headed as this new-fangled thing called the Internet kicks into high gear.


A note on the layout: The Internet opens limitless possibilities for manipulating writing and layout. Creating this site to resemble a newspaper is done with tongue firmly in cheek. We assume the reader is smart enough to figure that out on their own, but we all know what happens when one assumes…

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