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Varieties of Airlines

In the 1970s existed mainly three major commercial airlines, which were Eastern Airlines, TWA or Transworld Airlines and Pan American Airways compare to now that we are invaded by a group of airlines that sometimes they won’t provide the safety necessary for the passengers. In the 1980s, another type of airlines came into existence, the charter airline industry.

Charter companies are dedicated to the leasing of airplanes to other companies that does'nt have the necessary certificates from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The difference between commercial and charter airlines are the type of certificates that each of them holds, according to the qualification from the FAA, which requires a series of test flights in which flight attendants and pilots are tested in different emergecy scenarios. These tests are called the “proving runs” and during these tests flight attendants and pilots are exposed to emergencies that are simulated by the inspectors of the Federal Aviation Administration, such as, heart attack, different types of fires, emergency landings and engine failure. The flight crew is expected to respond in less than 90 seconds to these emergencies according to the manuals of the FAA, and the flight crew must be able to evacuate the airplane in this time or less.