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Willie Valdez

In an effort to collect as much information as possible to present you with the most accurate information that is relevant to the airline industry from a personal point of view and from the history prospective. One of my ex –colleague Willie Valdez gave me the opportunity to do an interview where we shared experiences from his era and my era in the airline industry.

We had the opportunity to exchange thoughts, and I had the chance to learn from a person that lived through every change since the 70s until the present. Willie’s biography starts back in 1979, when he started to fly around the world. Later during the decade of the 90s, he had the opportunity to become a pilot and put in practice his flying experience not only in the cabin, but also in the flight deck as a flight engineer. But, the story is fascinating of how this young flight attendant made it all the way from the back of the cabin to the from of it. It is better if you listen at this live interview with Willie Valdez. Willie’s complete interview