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Plaza Mayor during the day

Salamanca's Plaza Mayor was constructed between 1729 and 1755. Not only is it one of the city's most beautiful locales, but it is also considered among the most beautiful plazas in all of Spain. Its Baroque style architecture of the 18th century, includes Spanish decorations of cut tablets, equilateral arches and four levels. Much of the daily and night life of Salamanca takes place in the Plaza Mayor.

Small boutiques and trinket shops line the inside of the Plaza and continue out onto the streets directly outside the walls. These stores provide residents with unique shopping options and students and tourists with resources for purchasing souvenirs and other Spain-related gifts.

Because eating is an important aspect of Spanish culture, restaurants and cafes are prevalent in the Plaza Mayor. Places where someone can get a full meal stand beside simple ice cream windows. Also, in the evenings, musical groups, called "Tunas," play in the outside seating areas of the restaurants. On certain evenings, there can be up to three different groups playing on three sides of the Plaza. Not only do the restaurant patrons enjoy the music, but those passing by often stop and gather to enjoy the festivities.

Also in the Plaza is a small pharmacy. Visitors should be aware that it is not like a typical drugstore in the United States. Instead, almost all of the products and items are behind the counter and customers must ask the clerk for assistance.
The town hall of Salamanca is also located in the Plaza Mayor. This is an excellent resource to find information about educational services, the libraries, police department, culture and tourism.

Plaza Mayor after dark The picturesque Plaza is typically bustling with activity until the wee hours of the morning. In addition to the "Tunas" playing at the outdoor cafes, the dance clubs draw the students.

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