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The New Cathedral

The New Cathedral of Salamanca stands beside the Old Cathedral and is considerably larger. It was constructed during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, after in the beginning of the 15th century, it was decided that Salamanca needed a bigger and more splendorous cathedral. The architects were Antón de Egas and Alonso Rodriges. It is one of the ultimate manifestations of Gothic architecture in Spain, and together with the cathedral in Segovia, it is one of the last examples constructed in Spain.

The interior architecture and decorations of the New Cathedral are rich and elegant. Three chapels that are worth mentioning are the Golden Chapel, the Chapel of the Veil and the Chapel of Saint Roque.

Behind the main altar sits the Christ of the battles of the El Cid, the Champion of the Reconquest. The organ, which is of plateresque style, was constructed in 1568.

The New Cathedral's door for the common people The doorway in this photo is known as the "Puerta de Ramos." It was for the common people to enter the cathedral. If and when the king came to the cathedral he entered the door on the adjacent side of the building.

Everyday: 10am-1pm, 4pm-6pm

300 pesetas per person
Groups of 20 or more: 250 pesetas


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