Walking Tour of Salamanca: A Small City Rich with History 



The Roman Bridge leading into Salamanca

The Roman Bridge stands 356 meters over the Tormes River, with 15 granite stone arches leading into Salamanca. It was originally constructed in the year 89, but was reconstructed in the 17th century after it was damaged due to flooding.

It is in a Romantic style with a statue of a male pig at the beginning of the Salamanca side. It represents the pre-Roman Salmantine art, which is of Celtic origin and is portrayed over the shield of the city. From the bridge there is an excellent view of both the New and Old Cathedrals. It was an important part of the Roman silver route, which ran from Merida to Astorga.

The outside of the stained glass windows of the Casa Lis

The Casa Lis is a property of the city government and the home of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau Museums of Salamanca. It is located across from the Salamanca side of the Roman Bridge. The outside of the building is the only architectural example of early 20th century modern art in the whole city. Inside there are 19 collections of more than 2,000 high-quality art pieces. The large collection was made possible primarily because of Manuel Ramos Andrade, who donated almost all of the art.

Before the Casa Lis was the home to the two museums, it was used for many different purposes. On April 6, 1995, the Art Deco and Art Nouveau Museums opened their doors. The Casa Lis is the most visited museum in all of Castile & Leon.

Oct. 16- March 31
Tuesday-Friday: 11am-2pm, 4pm-7pm
Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays: 11am-8pm
Mondays: closed

300 pesetas per person
Free for children under 14


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