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About Blogs

Feel like sharing a thought with some of your closest friends or family? How about sharing with a small community of people who share the same interests as you? How about sharing with the world?

Through the Internet, people can relate ideas, emotions and daily events on a regular basis on what is called a “weblog”, or “blogs” for short (a weblog editor is called a blogger). These Internet logs are akin to diaries (or journals for us macho guys), except without the lock and key as the whole point is to being able to share these dairy/journal entries with friends, family and/or strangers.

Jesse Garrett, editor of Infosift, found only 23 weblogs in existence at the beginning of 1999. Today, lists over 4000 weblogs run through its site alone, and eatonweb portal lists over 15,000 from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

The content and purpose of each blog is left to the blogger. Blogs can be a filter of information or web sites through the eyes of the blogger to encourage debate and discussion. It can be a medium to show art, photos or fiction writing. Or as the name suggests, it can be a log of daily events.