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Christine Ho updating her LiveJournalTo help streamline the process for those not web-savvy enough to know the complexities of coding and posting, services like were formed. With over 70,000 active users, LiveJournal may be one of the most popular blog services on the net.

LiveJournal started in 1999 as a way for its creator, Brad Fitzpatrick, his friends to update their blogs and quickly grew in popularity.

Offering both free and paid accounts, LiveJournal has a small paid staff augmented by a support staff of volunteer and developers.

Its main feature allows users to post on their blogs with no understanding of HTML code needed. Users can update their blogs from the site or download software that enables easy updating. The second option also allows for customization of the blogs to better fit a blogger’s personality such as backgrounds, colors and photographs.

LiveJournal also has interactive communities where people with the same interests can meet and discuss.

The ease over using LiveJournal combined with its other features makes LiveJournal one of the most used blog communities on the Internet.