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In recent months, the law community has started to use Weblogs as a tool of commerce and information dissemination. Law blogs, also dubbed blawgs, serve to update lawyers, judges, educators and others in the law profession on new laws and court decisions faster and more widely than had previously been possible.

Jim Calloway's article on law blogs written for the American Bar Association, explores the relatively new and efficient form of communication for lawyers.Read "Of Blogs, Bloggers, and Blawgs"

Calloway writes that a blog is an excellent outlet for lawyers to publish their findings and decisions made in court. He writes:

"Why wait for the printing schedule of a law review or the tedium of peer review and defense of one's writing when, with a blog you can publish one's incisive analysis right now for the entire online world to read?"

Calloway recommends that law firms should use blogs for internal and external communication to clients, employees and even the world.

A popular blawg, Ernie the Attorney, is a Weblog that, although a personal site, also focuses on giving tips, news information and seeking advice from lawyers. In a recent entry, the blog editor wrote about using Weblogs as a marketing tool for law firms. Read the article.

Blawgs vary in content and purpose but they all have one common characteristic: they are created by law professionals who, at some point, use it to disseminate information regarding law.

For instance, Held in Contempt is blawg created by a female attorney who has just had a child. Her blawg is more of an online journal, but she also links to and comments on changes or happenings in the law world that she finds of interest. An example of this is her Dec. 1, 2003 entry about changes in the dress code for women attorneys. The entry links to an article about the change, gives her opinion and allows others to comment.

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