The history of Weblogs

Most Webloggers and Weblog historians agree that the first Weblog was created by Tim Berners-Lee. Dave Winer,who has developed software programs popular with bloggers, has said that the first Web site was also the first Weblog because it "pointed to all the new sites as they came online." That means the first Weblog was

From there, as more and more sites came online, Weblogs continued to track the new Web sites and eventually their purpose began to change.

Initially link-driven sites, as the Web grew Weblogs changed. When the Web exploded in the mid-90s Web sites became so numerous that Weblogs started to track Web sites of interest to the bloggers. In addition, bloggers started writing personal thoughts, and comments about news and entertainment.

Today many blogs are less link-driven and more commentary driven. The ease of Weblog tools has attracted many would-be online journalers to create a Weblog rather than a Web site, which would require Web site creating knowledge. Hence, most people new to the Weblog community think of them as online journals which are updated frequently.

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