The Future of Weblogs

Right now Weblog use is taking off. More blogs come online everyday and it has become increasingly difficult to track all Weblogs. Eatonweb Portal is a collection of Weblogs from around the world based on the definition that Weblogs consisit of dated information. However, since there is a debate among bloggers as to what consists of a blog, it is not comprehesive.

As the purpose and useage of Weblogs change, more professional communities establish Weblogs as a means to communicate. Blawgs have sprung up around the globe in the last year and more specialized blog communites are bound to arise.

Although bloggers disagree as to what really defines a blog, one thing is certain: They are an increasingly popular tool for Web publishing.

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This Public Relations blog entry
is about the social history of Weblogs and implications ot use.

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