Changes to Blogs

Initially, Weblogs started in the early 1990s as a list of links to Web sites in existence. As the Web started to boom in the mid-90s, more sites came online and blogs turned into a listing of sites visited and recommended by the blogger.

The purpose of Weblogs have mutated over the years to a point where most blogs are now focused on the bloggers opinions and commentary rather than links. This has happened because the software and Web tools, like Blogger, available to bloggers make it easy for anyone to have a blog.

Ryan Kawailani Ozawa, founder of, writes in his article Journal vs. Weblog that there is a fine line between online journals and Weblogs today. Whereas Weblogs have an external focus and online journals have an internal focus, the line has been blurred recently because people have dropped the linking focus of Weblogs and instead use Weblog tools as "an easy path to online publishing."

Weblog tools, Ozawa writes, make it easy and "five minutes and a few forms later, and anyone could be a blogger."

Recently, the use of Weblogs have taken off in the professional community. Professional blogs are a great tool to disseminate updated information quickly and efficiently to the national and international community. An example of this use are law Weblogs, aka blawgs, that have sprung up on the Web in the last year.