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The average blogger

Just who is blogging?

The average blogger is a teenage girl who posts every two weeks to update her friends on her life. That suprising average blogger was the result of Perseus Development Corp.'s random survey of 3,634 blogs on eight popular blog-hosting services. 10

If that is not surprising enough, consider these statistics from the Perseus survey:

  • people under 30 created 92.4 percent of the blogs
  • women created 56 percent of the blogs
  • active blogs are updated on average every two weeks

Ages of bloggers. People under 30 created 92.4 percent of the blogs. Graph via Perseus - The Blogging Iceberg. Click for Perseus report.


The results of the survey reveal blogging has potential to become a communication revolution among young people.


The abandoned blogs

Although 4.12 million blogs have ben created on the eight popular blog-hosting services: Blog-City, BlogSpot, Diaryland, LiveJournal, Pitas, TypePad, Weblogger and Xanga, 1.09 million blogs were abandoned upon creation. Another 1.63 million blogs were abandoned after an average 126 days.

Weblogger was one of the eight blog-hosting services surveyed in the Perseus study. Image via Weblogger.

One of the most obvious questions is why are so many blogs abandoned? Customer experimention and starting over (giving up and creating a new one) could be two popular reasons for the high turnover rate.

Also, the eight popular blog-hosting companies lure bloggers with free hosting and other specialities that may cause bloggers to switch hosting services frequently.

Experienced bloggers may decide to self-host their blogs or leave for smaller hosting companies. 15

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Blog international

Although blogging is international, an overwhelming majority are published in English. 5 That could mean Americans, Britons, Canadians and Australians dominate the blogosphere.

However, it could be more likely that English is the choice language for online activity. The English language is the top choice among those who learn a second language.

Blog surfers

Blog surfers only spend about 96 seconds on a blog each visit. Blogs with comments scored higher on average. This may be disheartening to the blogger who spends hours agonizing over a post.

Readers need interaction to stick around longer.  Image via  Guardian Unlimited.

The key to keeping blog surfers may be more interaction - most blogs are text only. Graphics, photos, video, audio, polls and comment services may coax a reader into staying longer. 11

As more people enter the blogosphere, the demographics will change. But, there is no doubt, a blogging community exists.

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