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What is a blog?

If you're thinking "blog what," don't worry. Many people have never heard of a blog, otherwise known as a weblog.

If you haven't heard of a blog, the frequently asked questions page will give you quick answers to basic questions, like what a blog is. You may also want to look over a brief description and history of blogs.

Or kick back and watch a five-minute documentary on blogging by Chuck Olsen. This "blogumentary" covers blog definitions and origins. 9

Blog connoisseurs

For you blog connoisseurs, learn who blogs and how blogging is changing society and journalism. You may also want to watch the blogumentary - it's amusing to watch people guess what a blog is.

Blog surfing

To get started surfing the blogosphere, check out some blog directories. A Google search for "weblog directory" returned the following Web sites:


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