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The Chris McCarty Band



The Chris McCarty Band has been performing together as a Quintet for about two years. Prior to the bands' formation, Chris McCarty performed at local Gainesville venues with his prior band, Logan Tree. After enjoying some regional success, the members of Logan Tree went their separate ways. While performing at the Jamestown Cigar Bar one night as a solo artist, McCarty met Greg Riddle. "A friend of mine told me about Chris and said I had to meet him," Riddle said. After hearing McCarty perform, Riddle said he learned all of McCarty's material on his guitar in just a few days. Riddle said he liked McCarty's style and noticed his talent immediately. He tracked McCarty down, played some songs for him and asked him if he was looking to put together a band. After meeting Riddle and hearing him play, McCarty said he was instantly impressed with Riddle's initiative and skills. "The kid blew my mind," McCarty said. After trying out several different drummers, the two enlisted in the musical skills of one of Riddle's old high school friends. Riddle introduced McCarty to Gabe Tobin, a drummer, and soon after the three began collaborating together. After McCarty's older brother Phil came back from college in Virginia, he signed on as the bands' bassist. He also writes some of the songs as well. Julius Tobin was the last member to join the band. Chris McCarty remembered seeing Tobin perform with his church choir, Sonlight Youth. McCarty asked him to sit in and perform with the band at a show in West Palm Beach, Fla. Soon after, Tobin became a formal member. "He kinda guilted us into making him a permanent member," Riddle joked. "He went out and bought a bunch of percussion equipment and kept asking, 'Am I in?'"

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Why They Get Along So Well

McCarty said it is pretty obvious why he and his brother, Phil are able to work together so well. "We lived together our whole lives," McCarty said. "He knows what to write and what I can sing." As for the rest of the members, they attribute the their closeness to the long trips they take, traveling to shows in their white touring van. "This is family," McCarty said, pointing to his band mates.


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What They Like About Being in a Band

Even though the Chris McCarty Band runs smoothly as a single vehicle for song, the motivation that drives its members could not be more diverse. Riddle(lead guitarist) said his favorite part of being in the band is when "everything clicks on stage." "It's like you'd think there's some kind of E.S.P.," Riddle said, in reference to when he and the band put on a good performance. Fleet(drums) said the best part of being in a band for him is having the emotional outlet to express himself through music. "It gives everybody freedom to be themselves," Fleet said. Chris McCarty(lead vocals) said the best part is "stickin' it to the man." He said he enjoys being able to do what he wants by setting his own hours. "I'm happy with life," McCarty said. When asked what he favored most about life in a band, Tobin(percussion) sat on the question pensively before offering his response. "I like meeting all the people at shows, Tobin said." Phil McCarty(bass), who maintains the bands' Web site, said in one of the road journals that an enjoyable part of being part of the band for him is hearing the crowd sing along to the songs he wrote.

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For More Information on the Band

Phil McCarty created and regularly updates the bands' official site, http://www.chrismccartyband.com/.The site houses audio samples from the band, contact and booking information, road journals and band member caricatures. It also houses an up-to-date tour schedule.


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Gabe (left) and Greg (right)




the Chris McCarty Band on Julius' 21st birthday.