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The band has been together for a few years, playing local music venues, but the lineup has recently been updated. Mike Alligood and Mike Webb have recently signed on with Bracelet to replace members who have since left to pursue other musical ventures. Alligood and Webb were roommates and good friends prior to the move. Below is a list of the new Bracelet Lineup:

Gordon Tarpley (guitar), Mike Webb(drums), Jeff Davis(bassist)

Larry Watts (vocals), Mike Alligood (guitar)



Current Projects

The five members of Bracelet are currently working with a group of University of Florida students on a music video. The video will feature one of the bands' original songs, "Honestly." Alligood said the band expects to be finished with it some time in late 2004. The band plans to start touring locally by then as well. Bracelet currently has a "demo" compact disc recording of their original material. "You can pick up a copy at one of our live shows or on the Web site," Alligood said.


How the Band Met Each Other

Some members of Bracelet not only collaborate with each other musically, but residentially as well. Three of the five members share a house together in Gainesville. "It's cool, because we can practice all the time," Alligood said. He and Webb recently moved into the house with the other member, Watts.


The Story Behind The Members of Bracelet

Mike Alligood (guitar) is new to Bracelet, but not to music. He is a seasoned guitarist. Alligood said he picked up the instrument at the age of 13, and began learning to play songs he heard on the radio. "A friend of mine gave me a guitar and I just started playin' all the time," Alligood said. He said his first venture into the world of music was when he joined a local band with some friends in his hometown of Palm Coast, Fla.. Alligood attended one semester of community college after he graduated Flagler-Palm Coast High School in 1998. But soon after, he dropped out and decided to pursue a career in music. Mike Webb (drums), a Gainesville native, began playing music in Kentucky. After his parents divorced when he was five, Webb, with his mother and sister, moved to an area in northern Kentucky that was very close to W. Virginia. After spotting an old acoustic guitar in a corner of his grandparents house in Kentucky, Webb said he was drawn to it. "I saw bands on MTV and I thought, well that guitar's over there," Webb said. "So I started playin'." After graduating high school in Kentucky, Webb said he moved back to Gainesville in order to be close to old friends and family once again. Like Webb, Larry Watts, Bracelet's singer and founder, is a native of Gainesville. Watts said he first began writing songs when he was 13 years old. Soon after high school, he began winning various contests with his old band, Standing Tall. Watts even toured Europe for five weeks with the band. But, while overseas, Watts had a change of heart. "I decided that I liked writing my own songs," he said. As a result, Watts chose to part ways with Standing Tall, and branch off in a new musical direction. According to the other members of Bracelet, Gordon Tarpley (guitar) has his fair share of attention from the bands' female fans. "Gordon is the lady's man," Webb said. "It's sickening!" But Tarpley doesn't agree at all. "Girls don't like me. A native of south Florida, Tarpley came to Gainesville to pursue his art and music. Jeff Davis (bassist) dedicates his bass-playing abilities to two bands. In addition to Bracelet, he plays in another local Gainesville band, Behead The Romantic. Davis got involved with Bracelet because he and Watts had previously worked together and found that their partnership worked well. "That's the great thing about the new lineup," Watts said. "Everyone feels the same way about the music."





For More Information

The bands' site, which is maintained by Larry Watts (vocals), is growing every day in size and content. According to the site, it promises to have tour information, images and audio clips. For more information, visit the official Bracelet band Web site at http://www.braceletmusic.com/


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first picture at top: Mike Webb on drums

second picture: Gordon Tarpley on guitar


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