Brief History

Cherise's Translation of "Big Wuds"

Miss be careful you don’t break your jaw
All of those big words you are saying
About New Nation, Federation, (Jamaican political groups)
Girl, go away.

You think you are so smart.
Girl, what are you talking about?
These days only big words come out of your mouth!
Oh, it’s the newspaper you’re reading.
Why are you speaking so proper?
Read more of the story for me to hear.
How does Federation work?

Say what? What did you say? Stop Stop!
Look at this! Lord have mercy!
That conference was great.

I wish I could be a spider
stuck on a wall.
To enjoy how the delegates get into

Or if I was a busy body fly,
A butterfly, a bee,
I wish I was a bug, a cockroach
or even a flea!

Then miss, I would be there
to see the agreement signed
and when the delegates
put pen point to the dotted line!

Miss we are moving fast, we are
“moving forward” my child (friend etc.)
“Development,” “improvement” all
of those words are used freely!

History making delegation, and
The growing populations
Most outstanding observation,
They all rhyme with Federation!

I like to sat the big words, act like
My learning is first class
But I hope that my jawbone doesn’t break
Before we federate.

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Copyright ©: 2003 Cherise James
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