Brief History
Norman Manley International Airport

Kingston is the gateway to tourism because it has one of the two airports on the island. The Norman Manley International Airport services Kingston. The airport is within a 30 minute drive from the "heart" of the city and is served by several international airlines offering scheduled direct passenger and freight services to most cities in North America, the Caribbean, Europe, South America and onwards to the Far East.


Tourism is an important part of Jamaica's economy. The island's warm climate, year-round sunshine, its beaches, beautiful landscapes are the reasons that thousands of people from all over the world go to Jamaica each year for a vacation.

History of Tourism

Jamaica's tourism had its beginning in the latter part of the nineteenth century when invalids started coming to Jamaica to escape the cold winters in England and North America. The first tourist hotels were built in Montego Bay and Port Antonio. The now outdated Myrtle Bank Hotel in Kingston was built in 1892. In those early days, tourism was limited largely to the rich, the old and the few.

Tourism began to prosper in Jamaica after World War I, when improved methods of transportation made it easier for people to get from one country to the other. In the early 1920s, the number of tourists visiting the island annually probably did not exceed a few thousand. By 1938, the figure had risen to 64,000. In 1982, it exceeded 600,000. Since the 1987 to 1988 season, the number of visitors has exceeded one million a year and has continued to grow, partly as a result of the great increase in the arrivals of cruise-ship passengers.

Dunn's River Falls

Dunns River Falls is a great "tourist spot." If you like the sun, water and some rock climbing, this is the place you should NOT hesitate to visit.

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