Brief History

Kingston's Import and Export Function

Kingston primarily functions as a port city for import/export. This is a basic and non-basic function because it creates jobs for the people of Kingston as well as supplements the needs of the people who are receiving the exported goods. Its relative closeness to a sheltered harbor makes it easily accessible for ships.

The Kingston Harbor ranks seventh among the world's largest natural harbors. The Port Bustamante is situated in the Kingston Harbor midway between North and South America. It is the Caribbeanís most modern transshipment port with more than twenty five years experience which is more that any other port in the region.

Jamaica exports manufactured goods as well as raw goods. Jamaicaís major traditional exports consist of mainly Bauxite, Aluminum, Sugar, Bananas and Rum. Aluminum and bauxite account for more than half of the exports. Jamaica is a large distributor of coffee. The islandís Blue Mountain Coffee brand is well-known around the world. Jamaica's partners in exports are Unites States, United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, and France. Jamaica's partners in imports are United States, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

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