Brief History

Kingston's Recreation and Entertainment Function

Kingston has recreation, entertainment and tourism functions. This is a basic and non-basic function. Tourism is a basic function because it is a source of income for the people who live in Kingston because tourists spend money and this helps the economy of the city. The hotels are built for the tourists who visit Jamaica but the hotel also creates jobs for the residents of Kingston.

Entertainment is a basic and non-basic function because it is for both the tourist and the residents of Kingston. Most of the recreational activity found in Kingston is sports based, or is focused on green spaces. Sports such as cricket, football, golf and horse racing is facilitated in places such as Sabina Park, The Constant Spring Golf Course and the National stadium.

The National Stadium is a place where international games are held, along with national games that include track and field, football and swimming. The National Heroes Park, Devon House and the Hope Botanical Gardens and Zoo, are places where people can relax and enjoy beautiful landscape gardens, an activity that is inherited from the British colonial past.

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