Brief History

"Big Wuds"

Missis mine yuh bruk yuh jaw-bone
All dem big wud yuh dah sey
Bout “New Nation,” Federation,”
Gal, go weh.

Wat a way yuh elevated!
Gal, is wa yuh chattin bout?
Nowadays is so-so big wud dah fly outa yuh mout!
Oh, is newspapa yuh reading
Meck yuh speaky-spoky so!
Read more, pop tory meck me hear
How Federation go.

Sey wa? Sey warra? Tap tap!
Kooyah! Massi me massa!
Dat deh confarance was great.

Me wish me coulda tun anancy
An pitch pon a wall
Fe enjoy how de delegates dem get eens dem saal!

Or if ah was a gingy-fly,
A buttafly, a bee,
Ah wish ah was a bug, a cockroach
Or even a flea!

Den missis, ah woulda deh deh
Fe se de agreement sign
An de delegates dem leggo
Pen-point pon de dotted line!

Missis we moving fas, we pon
De “up word trend” me chile
“Development”, “improvement” all
Dem wuds deh leggo wile!

History makin delegation, an
De growin population,
Most outstandin observation—
Dem all rhyme wid Federation!

Me like sey de big wuds dem, gwan like
Me learnin is fus rate;
But me hope dat me jawbone no bus
Before we federate.

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Copyright ©: 2003 Cherise James
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