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How to speak Jamaican Patois...

Let us start the lesson by hearing Jamaican Patois Sound Clips. The easiest way to learn a language is hearing what it sounds like. Replay the sound clips as often as needed to imitate the sounds.

Let us continue the lesson by learning the Jamaican Alphabet. Read the list and practice the sounds out loud.

Test your skills at reading Jamaican Patois: Big Wuds is a Jamaican poem written in Patois. Now that you've finished reading "Big Wuds," try to figure out it means. Do you think you know what it means? Can you take a guess?

Here is Cherise's Translation of the poem you just read.

If you're curious about how to translate common US sayings to Jamaican Patois, US Translation to Jamaican can help you spice up your conversations and keep your friends guessing.

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to explore this site: How to Speak Jamaican Patois

Jamaican educator and linguist Karl Folkes gives 15 points on why Jamaican Patois is a language.

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