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Map of Kingston

Kingston is Jamaica’s capital city and crown jewel. Kingston was founded in July 22, 1692, as a refugee for survivors of an earthquake that destroyed Port Royal, the town sited across the harbor.

Kingston is on the southeastern coast of Jamaica. The land around Kingston is fairly flat but it is surrounded by the Blue Mountains on the northeast and west. The city is centrally located at the junction of trade routes and has a natural, well-sheltered harbor to the south which makes it an ideal location for import/export functions.

Kingston has several functions such as Import/Export, Government, Entertainment and Tourism. It houses the seat of government, functions commercially, is a cultural hub of the country, and offers a wide variety of entertainment for visitors and the home population.

Kingston also functions as the central business district (CBD) of the country. It is main location for many banks, companies and other aspects of industry. Kingston is an urban center, due to the provision of retail functions for the city and the surrounding areas. Kingston offers a variety of services such as retail, wholesale, administrative, social and financial. The main retail sections of the city are found with in the downtown and Half Way Tree areas. The financial services are mainly provided in the New Kingston area, and administrative functions can be found in the down town area.

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