Brief History
Map of the Caribbean

Almost at the center of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica lies 90 miles south of Cuba and 100 miles west of Haiti, the two nearest countries. Jamaica is the largest of the English speaking West Indian islands. It has an area of 4,411 square miles, more than twice the area of Trinidad, which is next in size, and measures 146 miles from east to west.

Its greatest width is 51 miles, from St. Ann's Bay to Portland Point. Jamaica has 1,022 km of coastline which attracts millions of tourists a year to its white sandy beaches. The island is a star glimmering in the clear blue Caribbean Sea. Those who have been fortunate enough to visit know that she is truly a treasure.

Jamaica is centrally situated in the Caribbean Zone. It lies on the direct sea routes from the United States of America and Europe to the Panama Canal.

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