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Why Go Greek?

With so many misconceptions of Greek life and hazing alligations in the news many do not see the advantages to becoming affiliated with a Greek-lettered organization. The following students indicate what being part of a sorority/fraternity has done for them, and why they felt the need to join a multicultural based organization.

Roberson Mejia

Roberson Mejia- Lambda Theta Phi Fraternidad Latina, Inc.

"Many people have misconceptions about the quality of people that are Greek. However I feel being part of my fraternity has not only given me a support system of brothers, but has also allowed me to develop my leadership and communication skills. As chapter president I had to delegate tasks, be the spokesperson for my chapter to the administration, and make sure our overall organization functioned smoothly."


Thais Rodriguez

Thais Rodriguez- Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

"Lambda Theta Alpha helped me grow into the leader and friend that I am today. From the moment I became a Sister, my life changed. I created lifelong bonds with my wonderful line sisters, other sisters in my chapter, and even sisters at additional chapters. I learned how to balance everything in my life, from school to work to sorority business to sorority sisterhood. Because of LTA, I have met so many individuals, both LTA and non-LTA, and I have experienced unforgettable adventures. I traveled to Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, and more. I never felt away from home, because my sisters were everywhere."


Kristymarie Flores

Kristymarie Flores- Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.

" Joining a sorority was not an option when I was back home in Puerto Rico and I received the brochure for [UF] Rush 2001. I did not see anyone I could identify with. They probably had never experienced anything like what I have experienced: from the flavors, to the love for color and texture, to the music and the culture. I saw people that resembled each other and did not resembled me. Then, after months at UF, I found out about ethnic sororities and came to know people who were like me... and people who weren't like me but were willing to learn from my culture and let me teach them about mine."


Anita Patel

Anita Patel- Delta Phi Omega Sorority (South Asian Sorority)

" I chose to join an ethnic based organization because I am a first generation child growing up with two cultures, American and Indian. Being Indian-American is very tough, coming from a background based on the principles of an ancient religion of Hinduism. Joining another organization was an option, but because I don't know much about my own, I thought it would be beneficial to be a part of an organization that has both my South Asian culture, and Greek traditions, making my role as a member both cultural and traditional through the customs of Greek Life."