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Members of Mu Sigma Upsilon Stepping

What is Stepping?

"Stomp..Clap, Clap, Stomp, Clap Clap, Stomp, Stomp...." Stepping is a tradition where members synchronize their moves so that they are in a sense performing their own dance, without music. In stepping the members will clap, stomp with their feet, jump, and create their own beat by doing so.

Stepping is a tradition that dates back to the first historically Black Greek organizations. No specific date can be targeted for this tradition however, because some black greek organizations feel that this tradition can be traced back to Africa and the customary tribal dances. Historians like Elizabeth C. Fine Ph.D who wrote the book Soulstepping: African American Step Shows feels the roots of stepping in greek culture did not begin until the 1920's, and did not further develop until the 1940's. The book indicates that the first reference to "stepping" did not appear in writing until 1925, in an article printed in the Howard University newspaper, The Hilltop. The article indicates that it was Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity who made their pledges sing and dance around campus in a rhythmic form like stepping.

Today stepping performances can be rather intricate. As organizations will use props like blindfolds, machete knives, canes, and other items to take their performance to another level.