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Lambda Theta Phi Saluting at UF

What is Saluting?

Saluting is a tradition common to many Latino-Greek Organizations. The tradition of saluting originated with the first Latin fraternity, Lambda Theta Phi, according to the book Latino by Birth, Lambda by Choice written by Jesus Pena, Esq.. Saluting is a means by which members of an organization can praise a particular member within their fraternity or to honor the organization's past and current accomplishments. Members write a salute, and tend to include words of modern day songs. Once they have the text they proceed to add motions to the salute. Typically if there is more than one person performing a salute the members will synchronize their movements, so that they are all doing and saying the same thing at the same time. To put into context the type of words that are in a salute, check out a salute written and performed by the brothers of Lambda Theta Phi.

Saluting Example