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From "Old School" to New School...

Greek Life Redefined through culturally based organizations

Is this your idea of greek life?“From the outside looking in you can never understand it. From the inside looking out you can never explain it.”- Phi Delta Theta Rush Motto

Toga parties, beer kegs, lavish sorority houses, a cliquish system, hazing rituals, paying for friends—these are just some of the preconceptions that people have toward Greek Life. Movies like Animal House and Old School show fraternities and sororities as organizations only for the social elite that are based on frivolity, definatly not organizations that strive for principles of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

The Greek Man RedefinedHowever, a new generation of greek leaders are emerging in the form of Multicultural Greek Lettered Organizations. Although these organizations are relatively new compared to other greek organizations that have been in exsistance for hundreds of year, these organizations are rapidly expanding. What was once a handful of Multicultural sororities and fraternities in the early 1980’s has expanded to over 75 organizations across the nation, as listed in the directory of Latinogreeks.com, not to mention the organizations who have yet to be formally recognized.

The pulsating uniformity of “stepping”, the sultry synchronized moves of “strolling”, the proud displays of handsigns, this website will explain all that encompasses being part of a Latino-Multicultural Greek culture.