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Bradford, Phillip G., Herbert E. Brown, and Paula M. Saunders
Pricing, Agents, Perceived Value and the Internet
First Monday, volume 6, number 6 (June 2001),

Brown, Peter and Richard Raysman
First Quarter E-Commerce Up From Year Ago
E-Commerce Law & Strategy, volume 20, number 2 (June, 2003)

Dysart, Joe
Place Your Bids
Grounds Maintenance (July, 2003)

Online Auctions and E-Trading
Caslon Analytics (2002)

Stone, Brad Seeks the Suits
Newsweek (December 1, 2003, U.S. Edition)

Quick Facts, Where we have been, Where we are headed.

Continental Airlines Website Re-design Translates to Accolades and Record Ticket Sales
PR Newswire (June 17, 2003, Tuesday)

About Us, What are we up to?

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