Paynes Prairie: Wild Turkey

A Wild TurkeyThe Wild Turkey is one of the abundant birds on the prairie. It thrives in environments with hardwoods, foliage and dispursed water, such as the prairie. This bird is extremely abundant here because it is in an undisturbed environment. For turkeys to thrive well they can not be subjected to cars, hunting humans or loose dogs. Paynes Prairie provides the turkeys shelter from all of these elements, especially hunting which has thinned out the populations a bit over the last few years.

This bird can be recognized by its iridescent green and bronze wings. It is also very recognizable by its loud gobble and red, dangly throat. This bird is too large from other birds to not be identified.

Wild Turkeys feed on 90 percent plants and 10 percent small animal and insect matter. They will eat almost anything they can get their mouths on.

Check out this bird's call (click on listen to this species on this page).

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