Paynes Prairie: Birds

A White IbisThere about 430 species of animals on Paynes Prairie. Some of these include the American Alligator, the Virginia white-tailed deer, the bobcat, snakes and other small mammals such as rabbits.

Out of all the animals that live on the prairie, over half are birds.A sandhill crane There are 271 species of birds recorded to be exact. This is why we will focus on them in this site. Paynes Prairie is also considered "a gateway site" for the west section of the Great Florida Birding Trail. However, one of the reasons that the prairie is so vital to many birds is because it provides a warmer climate for them to breed in. Many animals do not live on the prairie but breed there. If the preserve was not protected, these animals might not have anywhere to reproduce.

A Ruby-Throated HumingbirdSome of the birds that breed here regularly include the Ruby-Throated Humingbird, the Great Egret and the White Ibis. The prairie is also considered the wintering ground for the eastern population of Sandhill Cranes. Overall, the prairie's 21,000 acres are extremely important for these vertebrates. Above are a few of the birds that breed on the prairie. Take a look at the complete list of birds and their breeding habits.

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