2003-2004 JCA President Profile

Katie Reid

Who: Katie Reid

Major: 4JM - Magazine

Experience: Katie currently writes and edits for Today magazine - UF's Alumni Publication. She spent Summer 2003 as an editorial intern in Sydney, Australia, handling publications for companies such as Apple Computers and Fujitsu.

Personal Ambitions: "I would like to eventually secure a job as an international journalist. In Fall 2004, I hope to travel to South America as a reporter with Florida FlyIns."

JCA Ambitions: "When I started this organization, my main goal was to increase the sense of community in the college and better represent the college to students, professionals and the general community. I think it is important for a journalism school as prestigious as UF's to have a group of ambassadors who can accurately represent it."



University of Florida • Journalism & Communications Ambassadors• Gainesville, Florida