Ambassador Programs at UF

University of Florida Honors Ambassadors

University of Florida Honors Ambassadors is in many respects the precedent for JCAmbassadors. It was the first successful college-specific ambassador program at UF.

UF Honors Ambassadors are enthusiastic and involved honors students dedicated to leadership, service, and fun. This group of current and former honors students serves as official ambassadors to the UF Honors Program in a variety of events which develop a sense of community and interaction among honors students.

"When I started Honors Ambassadors the idea was to create a forum for interaction amongst honors students, to design programs that would enhance the Honors Program, and generally to create a fun student organization that people would be proud to belong to," said Bevan Watson, Honors Ambassadors founding president.

Florida Cicerones

Florida Cicerones serve the same functions as Journalism and Communications Ambassadors, but on a larger scale. The Florida Cicerones serve as the Official Student Ambassadors to the University of Florida.

What began as an all-female group, is now a co-ed organization comprised of more than 120 members. In 1987 Cicerones joined the Alumni Association to become the Florida Cicerones/Student Alumni Association.

Any student at the University of Florida who has maintained at least a 2.5 GPA is elgible for membership in Florida Cicerones/SAA.

Members range from freshman to graduate students and as a whole represent a wide range cultural, volunteer, athletic, social, political, and academic organizations.

University of Florida Service Ambassadors

Service Ambassadors serve as the UF Office of Community Service ambassadors for community service and civic engagement. They emphasize the importance of the service triangle, which is comprised of learning, direct service, and reflection. They are trained consultants who teach individuals and organizations to prepare and facilitate a more meaningful service experience.

Through the use of workshops, leadership development events and private information and advisory sessions, Service Ambassadors strive to provide guidance to UF students and community partners.

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