U.S. University Ambassador Programs

University of West Georgia Ambassadors

University of West Georgia Ambassadors is the University's elite service organization. They assist in providing insight and information about the University.

Ambassadors are well-informed and knowledgeable about UWG. They possess great leadership skills and serve as role models for prospective and existing UWG students. UWG Ambassadors promote leadership, education and growth.

University Ambassadors' main goal is to assist the Office of Undergraduate Admissions with recruitment of new students. They visit local high schools, provide tours and information for various groups visiting UWG, host special events on campus and attend college fairs throughout Georgia.

UWG Ambassadors also provide an Adopt-a-Student Program where high school seniors can “adopt” an Ambassador and spend the day with him or her.

As a part of the Post-secondary Readiness Enrichment Program (PREP), UWG Ambassadors inform 7th graders about post-secondary options.

Colorado State Alumni Ambassador Program

This program is unique, because Colorado State University Alumni, not students, serve as the University representatives.

The Office of Admissions Alumni Ambassador program was initiated in 1982 as an opportunity for dedicated Colorado State University alumni to help recruit students from accross the country to Colorado State. Alumni volunteers help the university reach prospective and admitted students and their parents.

They volunteer their efforts in three ways:

  1. College Fairs - Recruitment at college fairs held at local high schools
  2. Early Advising Sessions - Assist with programs held in select major cities across the country. Ambassadors help admitted new freshmen and their parents learn more about the advising process at Colorado State and register for the fall semester.
  3. Student Contact - Alumni Ambassadors have the opportunity to get connected with students in their local areas to share their experiences and address questions and concerns students and their parents may have about Colorado State University.

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