A pink rose to commemorate those affected by breast cancer. A look at  Breast Cancer
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   Diagnosis and Symptoms

Cancer is a rapidly growing, unusual cell division where an abundance of surplus tissue is made. With the right factors, this can become a tumor that is either benign ( not cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Benign tumors are not harmful and usually do not return after they are surgically removed. Malignant tumors are harmful and can spread to surrounding tissues and entire organs. Cancer cells that break apart from these harmful tumors can invade the blood stream and enter into the lymph nodes. In this manner, the cancer can infect other areas and form other tumors.



During a woman’s monthly self-breast examination, the following symptoms can be looked for:

  • a lump or thickening of tissue in or around the breast
  • change in the breast’s shape or size
  • difference in skin color or texture
  • inverted nipples
  • areda
  • skin dimpling
  • bulging of the skin
  • vein changes


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