Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
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Stevie Wonder
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Blackstar biography: This is a great comprehensive site about Mos Def, and it was here I found information about Blackstar's history.

Grandmaster Flash biography: This is a personal site from a GMF fan. I got some background information here.

Stevie Wonder biography: Here is some basic information about the musician.

War biography: Here is where I got some background information about War.

"Living for the City": This site has some awesome multimedia content, including a live version of "Living for the City."

"The World is a Ghetto": Here is where I got the song clip. This is a fun site to visit because it has a huge list of easy-to-navigate sound clips and full-length songs.

Ongiri, Amy. "The World is a Ghetto coursepack." Xerographic Copy Center, Gainesville (Fall 2003). I used information from this coursepack from the class AML4685, "The World is a Ghetto." Ongiri is an amazing teacher, and I highly recommend any of her classes.

Kruger, Loren. “The Drama of Country and City: Tribalization, Urbanization and Theatre under Apartheid.” Journal of Southern African Studies 23.4 (1997): 21 pp. I used this essay in discussing how "The Message" works to situate the ghetto apart from natural life.

All lyrics were found at