Located in north-central France is the “Ile de France” – Paris and the surrounding provinces. This urban area of the country also has areas of charming villages, scenic valleys and forests.

Paris is most well known for its inclusion of egg, cheese, cream and other rich, elegant ingredients and for its culinary merit, from sidewalk bistros to elegant restaurants. The extravagant cooking dates back to medieval times when royal chefs would compete to create the most elaborate meals. The cooking styles and ingredients combine the best of the best of other French regions. From crêpes to soufflés, to extraordinary cheeses and wines, Paris is the center of French gastronomy.

Soufflés are made primarily from eggs and can be flavored with anything from fish to chocolate. They can be extremely tricky to make, and are an example of the way many French chefs used to flaunt their talents. They are very characteristic of the region and are usually served as a main course or dessert.

Parisian cuisine is very traditional. Not many restaurants serve anything too extreme or outrageous. Many dishes native to Paris are widely recognized as French food, such as soupe a l’onion (onion soup), quiche and soufflés. Many times simple ingredients are used – yet they are always of the finest quality.
a traditional souffle         pepper-crusted lamb shanks

Recipe: Goat Cheese & Herb Soufflés (left)

Recipe: Lamb au Poivre (right)

Recipe: Soupe a l'Onion (below)

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    onion soup  

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