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Salut! Welcome to Brittany. Located in the northwest corner of France, this region is best known for an abundance of fresh seafood. And, like its neighbor, Normandy, the fertile interior land provides copious amounts of fresh vegetables, as well as delicious pork and beef.

The seafood here is the star of most recipes. Oysters are eaten year-round – they come mostly from Cancale, Saint-Brieuc and Morlaix on the English Channel coast, but are also harvested from the Atlantic on the southern coast. The different harvesting locales lend a different taste to each variety of oyster. Lobster and coquilles St.-Jacques (sea scallops) are also harvested and eaten all year long. Monkfish, trout, salmon, sardines and tuna are also plentiful here.


Brittany is France’s leading producer of pork. Succulent lamb is also a regional specialty. Meat here is generally prepared simply, with an assortment of locally grown vegetables like artichokes, cauliflower, endives, leeks, carrots and potatoes. Charcuterie is also a regional favorite, made from the locally raised pork.

Crêpes, or galettes, as they are called in this region, are also popular fare. Galettes are similar in taste to an American pancake, but are usually made to be paper thin. Traditionally a peasant’s food, galettes were plainly eaten with butter or one egg. Now, as crêpes have grown in popularity, there are many ways to prepare these simple pancakes. Crêperies – small snack bars that serve crêpes prepared any way you choose – are widespread around Brittany.

thin crepes       coquilles st-jacques

Recipe: Crêpes Fines Sucres (left)

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Recipe: Coquilles Saint-Jacques
with Beurre Blanc (right)


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