Henry Ford met Thomas Edison at a convention. At the time Edison was working on the battery, and believed the automobile would run on electric. Ford said to have yelled into Edison's ear, since Edison was nearly deaf, his ideas for fuel powered automobiles, and wrote them out on a table cloth. Edison was said to have banged on the table and tell Ford that he had the right idea. He then told Ford to take your source of power and fuel, keep at it. Ford was 16 years younger than Edison,but it never affected their friendship according to the Edison Ford Estate. Ford attributes his sucesess to the encouragement Edison gave him.


Firestone, Ford and Edison were friends and partners. In their persuit to find a natural source of rubber (prices of rubber had soared at the time). Ford, Firestone, and Edison equally funded a labortory on the property. The three were also great camping buddies and camped in suit and tie. This laboratory is where Edison conducted his last major experiements.

On the early Ford automobiles, the back tires (Firestone) were glued on (no inflation).

Edison, in addition to being close friends with Ford and Firestone, was also friends with John Burrows (well known naturalist), and Merck (of Merck Pharmasuticals).

Edison's wife thought it would be a good idea to create a stone garden, containing a rock from each of Edison's good friends native home, with their name ingraved. As a joke, since Ford lived next store, he sent an unmarked stone from his lawn. It is called the friendship walk and is a stone path from the main gate to the main house.

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