Christmas Down Under


Today, Australians celebrate their very warm Christmas with the traditional turkey, ham and plum pudding. People gather at local beaches, hold picnics and barbecues, participating in outdoor activities, such as swimming or Cricket. Flowers are an important part of the season's decorations. Sydney is a hub of activity with tens of thousands of people attending serAustralians celebrate a sunny Christmas!vice at St. Mary's Cathedral or caroling at Sydney's Domain. Father Christmas brings Australian children gifts, tucking them into their pillowcases or leaving them at the breakfast table. Christmastime in Australia is full of warmth and friendship not necessarily matched in other countries.

Since Australia is so warm at Christmas, some of the locals believe that their surfing Santa should be replaced by "Swag Man." “Swag Man” wears a brown Akubra, a blue singlet and long baggy shorts, and spends all winter under Uluru with his merry dingoes (in place of reindeer.) He has a massive four-wheel drive vehicle that he delivers his presents in.




Copyright 2003 Mary E. Bishop