Legal File 	Sharing

Downloading copyrighted material for free is against the law. Popular sites where illegal sharing is taking place include Kazaa, Grokster and iMesh.

The use of these sites are legal, as long as the files being shared are not copyrighted. Recently, new technologies are allowing down-loaders to pay a fee per song to cover copyright charges.

Napster, one of the first file sharing sites faced several law suits for copyright infringement and was forced to closed down. It recently re-appeared with a membership fee to cover copyright costs.

File-Cash is the world’s first legitimate file-sharing program that gives back to its users. File-Cash was expected to be launched June 1, 2003, but is currently under construction. In this network, copyright owners enter their music into the File-Cash network through a web-based control panel. Relevant artist and file information, search keywords, as well as set the price of the digital file are entered as well.

Rights owners can set and change their prices, payments and usage rights at any time. For users, there are no subscription fees and no obligations to share their files, though file usage will be governed by the criteria placed upon them by the individual copyright owners.

All files hosted on File -Cash are encrypted with sophisticated Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to track every download across the entire network, allowing immediate, predetermined payments-per-transaction to all relevant parties. There is no cost to join File-Cash and consumers get a percentage of the file price every time another consumer downloads the file from their shared drive.

Payments to vendors, artists, consumers and record labels are made using E-Cash™ was created by E-C Logix, a company that specializes in innovative encrypted software for underwriting, minting and validating "blind" signature electronic cash and digital depository receipts (DDRs). Payments can split dollars and even cents, something that can’t be done using credit cards.

E-Cash™ technology enables micropayments of as little as 1/10 of a cent with no transaction fees. It also instantly authenticates that payment without referencing a financial institution, enabling the first true peer-to-peer commerce. E-Cash™ can be converted into the legal currency of choice at any time. By using E-Cash™ as the enabling technology, File-Cash ensures every transaction is seamless, instantaneous, and accurate.

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