File 	Sharing on College Campuses

The Joint Committee of the Higher Education and Entertainment Communities was created in the Fall of 2002 and aims to reduce illegal file sharing on college campuses through educational efforts and technological solutions. The group is comprised of leaders representing universities, higher education organizations, and music and motion picture executives.

Some of the projects of this committee include:

-A Request for Information (RFI) about technologies offered by various companies that could help curb illegal peer-to-peer network file sharing on college and university campuses ( The idea behind this RFI is to create a clearinghouse of readily-accessible information about technologies now available to reduce infringing use of file sharing on campus networks, and a convenient and easy resource for school administrators to consult. The RFI was issued in April 2003. It is intended to lead to on-campus pilot projects beginning in 2003 that will provide a practical demonstration and evaluation of the utility and effectiveness of the technologies.

-An RFI concerning legitimate online music and movie services (available at The Joint Committee does not plan to recommend a particular service, nor can it negotiate any specific online licensing agreement with schools; rather, the goal is to create a knowledge base of information for university administrators and music and movie officials to help facilitate existing or future conversations between legitimate online content services and schools. The RFI was issued in June and the review is underway. The goal of this effort is the implementation of pilot projects at a number of universities to implement campus-based legitimate online music and movie services.

-The Committee released a best practices document intended to serve as a resource to universities and colleges that outlines some of the approaches other schools have taken in setting campus network use policies and in educating students, faculty and staff about respect for copyrights and the liability for illegal file sharing. The document offers a variety of policies and procedures of demonstrated effectiveness.

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