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Several businesses and organizations exist that have direct competition and opposition. The sites associated with these groups are often mocked in a type of attack site. Because of the freedom on the Internet, it can have the effect of empowering the individual causing them to speak out.

Disgruntled employees, angry customers, special interest groups and people with a political activist agenda can demonstrate their concerns openly. The Internet provides an unlimited source of like-minded people to join with for a specific cause.

Such sites can easily become more than just a harmless parody. People can succeed in discrediting an organization due to public tendency to believe Internet opinions as print media. A dissatisfied and capable customer could publish employee phone numbers within a complaint site.

To manage such a crisis, there are a various options. You can directly refute claims on your company’s site or attempt to discuss and resolve the issues with the individual. Registering all possible domain names for legal purposes can protect you through copyright issues.

Another option for rebuttal to copycat sites, hacking and rumors is to organize some kind of advocacy or allies on the Internet. The Council of Canadians, for example, has arranged a guided global opposition to the Multilateral Agreement on Investment. Communication is better through these united groups, and organizations can better prepare for such attacks. This way, companies can more effectively monitor activist web sites that may affect them.

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