Internet is the crisis
prevent that crisis!
taking care of the rumors
don't get hacked
damaging mock sites



Your Web site has been hacked, your CEO is mocked and rumors are flying! Has your public relations department taken the necessary preventative measures?

The Internet has made public relations practitioners' job of reaching the general public more challenging. This is largely because communication has an entirely new source of information- the public.The Internet provides interactivity between the audience and the message producer; and the audience can actively produce messages instead of just receiving them.

The public may express their opinions freely, without regulations, and this creates a harder challenge for public relations practitioners during a crisis. It is important to be prepared for such crises and to manage and contain them immediately. News spreads quickly over the web and oftentimes, rumors and mock web sites are perceived as a type of true print media.

Conversely, the Internet is an excellent means of communicating truths to the public and the media to dissolve crises, monitoring public opinions and activities to prevent them and informing internal audiences and employees of issues quickly and efficiently. The Internet can be used for and against an organization, and public relations practitioners must be learned in ways to manage both.

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Crises on the Cyberspace

Crisis Management & the Internet

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