My Experience

My name is Corin Warinner. I am currently enrolled in an electronic field production class as the University of Florida. In this class we have access to mini-DV cameras and as an assignment we are to shoot a three to fifteen minute film. This semester I have shot a music video for the band Six Days From Sunday titled Superstar. I found using the cameras was rather easy and cost was of no concern. I have managed to barrow the equipment to shoot the video from school and my only expense was gas to drive to my shooting locations.

UF has created a DV editing lab with 11 editing stations. The stations use Mac G4 computers with the Final Cut Pro editing program. With this equipment I have been able to edit an excellent video together and manipulate the footage in any way I can think of. The ability to shoot a lot of footage and extract the shots that look good makes the process very easy. Non-linear editing is very easy and lets me focus on different parts when I want to. If I have to edit linearly I think the project would be much more difficult. I already have intensions of shooting a commercial for a local business owner and a film short next semester. I would not be able to get such experience without DV. I would have to spend a lot of money on going to a film school or getting equipment of my own to be able to do these things.

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