What is DV?

DV is a form of digital video recording that provides much flexibility to the average consumer. Launched in 1995, the format has rapidly gained popularity among all levels in the film industry. DV or mini-DV (referring to tape size) uses a inch metal evaporate tape to record footage. The video and audio are recorded digitally allowing high quality recording and transfers from tape to a computer for editing. The data on the cassette can be stored, manipulated, and relayed just like any other computer data (1).

The cassettes and the cameras that use them are cheap compared to the high price of film and are available at almost any store that has video cameras. You no longer have to be rich or find many financiers to make a feature length film. Many of the advantages of using DV are located in the filmmaking section of this site.

All images are taken from Freeimages.co.uk

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