Bob Prince

Long time Pittsburgh Pirate broadcaster Bob Prince was certainly one of baseball's clown princes. Nicknamed "The Gunner" for his rapid fire delivery of the play-by-play, Prince was a Pittsburgh mainstay for five decades.

Prince was an unabashed homer, never ashamed to pull for his beloved Pirates. He called games with a distinct, raspy voice and colorful humor. Unlike the Scully's and Harwell's of broadcasting, Prince was never overly concerned with painting a picture of the game. He was even known to sometimes tell tales through an entire inning before summing it up at the inning's conclusion.

Prince joined the Pirates in 1948, and called many of the team's most memorable plays including Bill Mazeroski's game seven World Series home run. Prince was pushed out of the booth in 1975 when the Pirate's new ownership tried to change his style. He rejoined the team in 1985 for several games before succumbing to cancer. His trademark home run call, "You can kiss it goodbye!" has become a part of baseball jargon.

Bob Prince
1948-1975, 1985 Pittsburgh Pirates


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